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Last Hike this season, Matthiessen State Park.


Most of us are now relishing the few last days of summer this year. It is the time to say good bye to the long days of summer and welcome the lovely colors of fall. The weather being super nice last week, we decided to hike at Matthiessen State Park which is right by the Starved Rock State Park in Ottawa, Illinois. We walked about 5 miles around the canyons and waterfalls enjoying the nature and appreciating it. The most challenging part of the hike was climbing up the unending flight of stairs. The entire park is in circles and there are just so many stairs to go down and then climb back up. Since it rained the previous night, the ground was damp and it was very enjoyable to step on the pebbles and cross the streams of water to make our way to the canyon. We also enjoyed making our way up to the canyon to get a close view of the water fall. How have you been spending the last days of summer? I would love to read. Do share!


Author: nikirath

My blogs are all about my travel experiences,tips and adventures.I love exploring new places and indulge into adventurous activities wherever I go.I hope to inspire you with my travel tales and also look forward to read and enjoy your stories too.

4 thoughts on “Last Hike this season, Matthiessen State Park.

  1. Great writeup n the way you describe minute details while sharing experiences with nature is commendable n tells your love n passion fr mother nature.Going to top of canyon seems fun n talking too mny stairs a good workout.What destinations you recommend for fall other than Door county ?


    • Hi Ankit , Thank you very much for reading and also for your thoughts. I would recommend Traverse city in Michigan which is a bit of a drive. Nearer destinations would be Devil’s lake in Wisconsin which is about 3 hrs. If you want to go even nearer , Morton Arboretum , that is where I went last year. Hope this helps!


      • Niki, Thank you fr inputs n always putting an effort to travel n keep sharing ur travel xp in form of short stories.It takes time n effort to do all this so highly appreciated.I came across quote “Travel as much as u can…as far as u can…as long as u is not meant to b lived at same place”…cheers to u miss traveller n ur passion fr travelling !!!!

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  2. Thank you Ankit 🙂 Happy Travelling!

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