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Falling in love with Charleston!


I have literally fallen in love with the vibrant and colorful city of Charleston. It has been by far one of my best cities in the US without a doubt. The different hues of architecture in the historic district makes it such a unique place to travel. I being a fanatic lover of colors , wished the time just stopped while I was there. I just couldn’t soak enough of the city’s historic charm and definitely wish to return back if I get a chance. The warm weather made our stay even more pleasant.

We started our visit with the carriage ride along the historic district in the heart of the city. Our guide briefly described the  historical significance of the mansions and old grand houses as we passed by. The ride was along the bay all the way to the White Point Garden which overlooked the beautiful architecture also known as the Battery. The city has a very interesting history and is known for its civil wars hundred or so years ago. The canons and historic sculptures in the park were very interesting to look at. Our carriage also passed by the Rainbow Row which had beautiful buildings of different colors. After getting familiar with the city, we decided to explore more by foot. We also walked to the Waterfront park and enjoyed sitting by the beautiful fountains.

Another interesting part of the historic downtown was the Charleston City Market which was four blocks of market with exclusive handicrafts which reflected the culture and beauty of the city in numerous ways. Undoubtedly Charleston will come in my top list of cities that I have visited so far. I will definitely recommend this trip to travelers who are seeking for a vivid yet serene place to travel.

Author: nikirath

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12 thoughts on “Falling in love with Charleston!

  1. It looks lovely – I’ve never been but will get there one of these days. Have you been to Miami yet? If you like color you would love Miami!


  2. Thank you very much Marie. I recently had been to Miami, infact my previous post is about my trip to Miami. Which place are you referring to when you say colors in Miami, I only had one day and was around the South Beach area.


  3. your pictures are pretty as like you share this blog to your friends and colleagues .


  4. Thank you Polly. Sure will do . Happy Blogging 🙂


  5. We love Charleston too. It is very popular with boaters cruising the coast. It is a great city for walking.


  6. One of the cities on my bucket list – some day perhaps!


  7. My hubby and I are going to Charleston soon and your pictures just got me sooo excited! Thanks for sharing!

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