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Everglades National Park Adventure,Florida!


Among all the US National parks, Everglades has always been on my list of things to do. It is a short drive of about 45 minutes from Miami to get to the Everglades. What makes it different from the other parks is the preserved forest swamps that are natural habitats for endangered species of alligators, snakes and hundreds of other animals. It is a land of sturdy mangrove forests and sawgrass marshes.

Our first stop at the Everglades was the Alligator farm where we enjoyed watching the Alligator show. The show was about a brief introduction about the Alligators followed by the audience getting to hold the alligator baby which was intimidating yet a very joyful experience. We then took an air boat ride into the wild grass swamps where we spotted wild Alligators and birds relaxing in their natural habitat. The boat ride was very exciting and loud and we enjoyed the 360 degree fast spins. We then relaxed for a bit and watched the care taker in the farm feed the alligators.

We also hiked the Ahinga trail in the park to spot few more alligators. However since it was the winter time, the water levels were higher because of the rain and we couldn’t spot as many as we could have done during the summer when it’s drier. Have you recently visited any of the National or State Parks? Please do share. I would love to read.

Author: nikirath

My blogs are all about my little life adventures that include gardening, cooking and traveling. I love being in nature which helps me to be in the moment.I hope to inspire you with my tales and also look forward to read and enjoy your stories too.

16 thoughts on “Everglades National Park Adventure,Florida!

  1. The Everglades are awesome. Nice pics!


  2. quite some adventure!!! I will never venture into Alligators….what if it was just a young one! That’s a NO GO zone for me!!

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  3. Looks like a fascinating outing. I wonder at what stage the alligator babies are too old or dangerous to hold. Could make for a very different experience as teenage alligators!


  4. Thank you Sue. Even the baby alligators had their mouth covered if you look at them carefully. I don’t think they are safe to hold at all until their mouth is closed, poor them though 😦


  5. Seems that you had an awesome birthday 🙂


  6. Looks like you had a good time, thanks for sharing the pictures! I prepare myself a small article on Everglades, to be posted on my blog very soon! Keep in touch, following!

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