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One sunny day in Rome!


The most exciting part about visiting Rome for me was visiting the city of Julius Caesar. As a kid I have read stories of Caesar, his kingdom, politics and death. I never imagined at that time that one day I would get a chance to see all the historical ruins of the places I read about. I was thrilled to stand next to ruins where Anthony made his speech , in the city where Julius said his last words to Brutus. All the memories sharply came back on to me. It was an amazing indescribable feeling and made me more than happy to have got a chance to explore Rome.

We stayed in the bed and breakfast very close to the historical center of the city. We arrived in the city later in the day and spotted the Colosseum from a distance right when we picked our dinner from an Indian Restaurant. I was very excited to see it from far away and couldn’t wait for the next morning to get really close and explore all the way more.

Days in Rome are hot and sultry during the summer. Since Rome was our last destination for our twelve day long Italy trip, we were all super tanned as you can see in the pictures. It was a very hot day nevertheless we were all ready to get out and tan some more πŸ™‚ After walking about 15 minutes, our first sight was the giant Colosseum which was the largest amphitheater that was ever built. It’s ruins stand as an iconic symbol of Rome. Once where there used to be gladiator contests now stands as a historic pride that attracts thousands of tourists to Rome.

After a few minutes of walk from the Colosseum, we spotted the Roman Forum which holds the ruins of the governmental buildings of Rome. It was once upon a time the political center of the city. Further walking along the palaces and fountains , Rome felt like an absolute historical city with very rich architecture and culture. We then reached the shopping district of the city and relaxed by the Trevi Fountain which is the largest fountain in the city and one of the famous ones in the world.

As the evening was approaching, the feeling of the trip about to end was creeping in. Nevertheless I was going to wrap up and bring so many happy memories from my trip back home. We shopped for quiet a bit on our last day and headed home to relax and be prepared for the long flight back home. My trip to Italy was one of my best vacations of life and its memories will be alive in my heart forever.


Author: nikirath

My blogs are all about my travel experiences,tips and adventures.I love exploring new places and indulge into adventurous activities wherever I go.I hope to inspire you with my travel tales and also look forward to read and enjoy your stories too.

14 thoughts on “One sunny day in Rome!

  1. I love Rome and especially visiting the Colosseum and the ruins. It is truly awe inspirng. I was there in April and after looking at your images I’m wondering when I can get back there.

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  2. I am feeling so jealous! I so so love Europe…i just have to get there sometime (soon)!

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  3. Italy really is such a lovely destination. I can see how happy you were from those photos, all smiles! Great post! 😊

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  4. I am looking forward to travel to Rome soon. I loved your post and thank you for sharing.

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  5. it was a nice trip to Italy via your blog..hmm.. visited those historical places in five minutes while you had taken 12 days πŸ˜‰
    thanks for this interesting post Niki

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  6. Thanks for liking my post about Kayaking in Antarctica, I have more posts about my Antarctica Adventure on my blog Polmeetsworld.
    Rome is my favorite city in Italy, see my post about Rome. Greetings and keep up the good work with your travelsite

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