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A short and sweet visit to Vancouver, Canada!


After living in the Unites States for about five years now , I finally got to visit its neighboring state Canada last month. Over the thanksgiving weekend I traveled to Seattle to spent a few days with my aunt and uncle. We made our fun road trip to Vancouver while I was there over the weekend. I was super excited for my first trip to Canada and it turned out more beautiful than I even imagined. After passing the US border, as we crossed the interstate bridge, I could see the city of Vancouver encompassed with cascades of mountains on one side and the River Columbia on the other. The alluring city was purely a natural bliss.

Our first destination as we entered Vancouver was the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The lush green rain forest with the bridge hanging right above the Capilano river was both fun and adventurous at the same time. The bridge was very bumpy as there were so many tourists walking over it. The ย evergreen tree tops, cliffs, gorges, canyons and trails in the woods was a treat to the eyes. The suspension bridges were attached to the old tree trunks and every tree was about 150 years old. Walking into the tree tops through the suspension bridges lit up with strings of lights was such a wonderful experience all together. My aunt called themย flowers as the lights looked just like colorful flowers on the tree tops. We also enjoyed walking over the cliff walk which was a narrow walk way suspended over the deep canyon. After hiking through the park , we slowly made our way out as it was getting darker and we also had to check in into our resort.

After checking into the resort and relaxing for a bit, we had our cozy outdoor fine dining at Bricks and Mortar which I would definitely recommend to everyone who travels to Vancouver. Every dish we ordered turned out to be excellent. Our day went by so fast and it was such a good start to our trip.

Since we had only one more day to go, we woke up early in the morning to go for a morning walk by the bay in Vancouver. It was a walk of about five minutes from our Wyndham resort which was centrally located in Downtown Vancouver. It was such a great time catching up on family conversations with my aunt and it was definitely a walk to remember :).After the walk we took a dip into the indoor pool in our resort. We really made the most out of our small trip. After cooking and enjoying our breakfast at the resort, we headed out to check out Stanley Park which is a huge sea wall park in the downtown area.

We did not get to visit Stanley Park in the best of the weather as it started raining by the time we reached over there. We drove through the greenery surrounded by the bay and bridges. With moist rain drops all over the grass and the evergreen trees, it looked all the more pretty. After our visit to the park, we all were craving for some comfort food and hence decided to have some hot Vietnamese noodle soup for lunch. With the short days in winter our day was coming to an end and it was time to head back home. All in all we had a wonderful time in Vancouver and tried to make the most out of our short trip ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: nikirath

My blogs are all about my little life adventures that include gardening, cooking and traveling. I love being in nature which helps me to be in the moment.I hope to inspire you with my tales and also look forward to read and enjoy your stories too.

10 thoughts on “A short and sweet visit to Vancouver, Canada!

  1. Glad to see you back after long…saw your like on my post.

    I was happy reading your post, partly because it looks like I’ll have to settle for Canada next year (as Europe looks less likely now). More on that later though.

    Nice experience you’ve had. I’ll keep the bridge and restaurant in mind when we visit! Lovely pics too!

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  2. Yes indeed it was an awesome trip. Short but beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. omg it’s so cool and i love your pics!

    i was there 2 years ago and my #wanderlust is growing more and more seeing your beautiful pictures…


    best wishes from super freezing cold Vienna

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  4. I love Vancouver! We didn’t make it to the Capilano Suspension Bridge though. We hiked the nearby Grouse Grind and were too tired after. Next time though!


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