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Los Angeles with my girls!


I have always wanted to take a trip just with my girlfriends and finally after a long wait this did happen on our recent trip to LA. We all studied together from high school in India and never imaged we would plan a trip after twelve long years, now that we all are in US. All four of us traveled to LA from different parts of US. All we did was eat, shop, walk and talk. Los Angeles is such a huge city and we spent all four days exploring the different neighborhoods. I particularly fell in love with the food and the people in LA. Every restaurant we ate was both healthy and delicious at the same time. People seemed to be very carefree and easy-going. Here are bits and pieces of our trip broken down day wise!

Day 1 – We spent our first day exploring the Venice beach neighborhood of LA. The locale that I adored the most in LA was the Venice beach Ocean front. The boardwalk filled with artists, musicians and fortune tellers was very pleasant to walk by. Every other person there was skateboarding and it was quite a relaxed atmosphere around. Almost every restaurant had outdoor seating and served delicious food. We enjoyed the delicious taco salad bowl and burgers with coconut water. After our brunch we enjoyed biking along the oceanfront trail which ran parallel to the ocean. With ocean on one side and little shops and market on the other, we all enjoyed our bikes that we rented right at the Venice beach.  As soon as we returned our bikes we were ready to explore the little shops by the beach. The best part about going with my besties in the trip was shopping. We spent so much time in the shops looking for cute little things and most importantly all of us loved it.

Universal Studios Hollywood is where we all headed the next day and it was definitely much more thrilling than what I had expected. Although the wait times of a few rides was long, it was totally worth it and one of a kind experience. The ride that I enjoyed the most was Harry Potter. It was more like a 4 D experience and we all absolutely loved it. We also loved posing by Shrek and the Minions. The little houses by minions were adorable, it felt like we could sit there forever by the colorful neighborhood. One thing we missed during our visit was the studio tour which was long and did not quite fit into our schedule. No wonder early arrival is recommended for all the theme parks.

Our third day in LA was kind of touristy for us. We walked through the Walk of Fame trying to pose with the stars in different creative ways. We enjoyed open bus tours which drove through Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and Hollywood sign showing us different celebrity homes. I loved Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie’s house the most, it looked like a fairy tale home.

The most captivating part of our trip was visiting the Warner Brother’s studio. It was where the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S was filmed. It is one of my favorite shows and I was so very excited to get to visit the studio. On top of that, the best part was I got to visit it with my besties. We all enjoyed the whole interactive experience in the studio where each one of us got to be a part of the show and enacted a scene from the show. Some of the other studios that we got to see were the Ellen’s show, Gillmore Girls and Big Bang Theory. It was very interesting to see all these places in real. It is something that everyone who enjoys watching television will really appreciate.

Day 4- Our last day in LA we were all heartbroken that such an amazing trip was coming to an end. We wandered by the rodeo drive and also stopped by the Santa Monica Pier to catch a last sight of the beautiful city. We enjoyed our spicy and savory Indian lunch at Spice Affair in Beverly hills. The day went by pretty quickly and we were all set to make our way to the airport. Goodbyes are hard and we did promise each other another fun trip soon 🙂

Author: nikirath

My blogs are all about my little life adventures that include gardening, cooking and traveling. I love being in nature which helps me to be in the moment.I hope to inspire you with my tales and also look forward to read and enjoy your stories too.

25 thoughts on “Los Angeles with my girls!

  1. Mamamia… 😀 Awesome pics. Did you enjoyed the trip ?? 😋🇦🇷

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  2. Wow, Splendid! What a memorable trip for all 4 of you…being all in the US you can do again!

    Didn’t you go to Griffith observatory?

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  3. One of my favorite places I’ve ever been to bike is on the path along the beach between Santa Monica and Venice.

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  5. Such a great trip! I’m going in April and this gave me some good ideas!

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  6. Hi,
    I live in Los Angeles. I am so glad you liked our city. I know Ken Dowell.
    I met you on Danny Ray’s site. Congratulations on being his featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too! Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. I blog over at

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  7. I’m glad you enjoyed LA! The WB tour is my favorite… always my go-to when people are in town visiting!

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  8. Such a great post 👏 keep it up.I’m currently working on my post from my 2015 L.A trip.

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  9. Great post! I love all the photos! Come check out what we got up to on our 5 day trip in LA!

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