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Back in California, The Pacific coast!


Undoubtedly California is one of those States of America you can go back to as many times you want and there will be plenty new options to explore and enjoy. Last month I was in California with my friends to explore a few unexplored cities and return back to one of my favorite ones. San Diego, Carlsbad and Rancho Palos Verdes are the three cities we explored in and out during our four day trip to California. All four days were surreal and just writing about those brings in me this indescribable ecstatic feeling.  Little things such as picking sea shells from the Carlsbard Shore, gazing at the sea lions roar in Lajolla beach, walking by the surreal wildflowers all over by the pacific coast and watching wild whales right from our resort room were things I enjoyed the most.

We landed in Los Angeles and drove to San Diego which was about a few hours away from LA. As soon as we reached San Diego, I wanted to go back to the place I loved the most there, Lajolla Cove. Last time I visited there was three years ago and it seemed liked nothing has changed since then. Just watching the sea lions swim, bask and laze under the sun is a joy of its own. Some would bite each other and others would snuggle just representing how we all naturally resemble each other. I gazed them for a long time loving the whole experience of relating their behavior to humans. A few other tourists were being chased by the sea lions which was very fun to watch. This time we did explore the downtown LaJolla which was a colorful little neighborhood. We enjoyed delicious vegan tacos and margarita pitchers at a Mexican restaurant called Puesto which I would definitely recommend.

Our second day in San Diego, we wanted to visit the world famous Safari zoo. I always get excited when the animals get to enjoy their freedom instead of being tied up in the zoos. The safari park itself was very huge and scenic with back drop of giant palm trees and the tram that took us around was a fun little ride. The sight of the Giraffes enjoying the huge park surrounded by mountains reminded me of the primitive times when animals freely enjoyed in the jungle. After our short trip to the safari park, we drove to Coronado island to catch the view of the beautiful sunset by the Hotel Del Coronado. As the sun slowly set, we admired the amber colored sky that just lit up both the water in the ocean and sand in the beach. As we made our way to Carlsbad from San Diego, our hearts were filled with lots of lovely memories.

The highlight of our trip was our stay at the Terranea resort by the Pacific ocean in Rancho Palos Verdes. It was by far and without any doubt the best resort I have ever stayed at. The resort has its own private beach area which was full of wildflowers by the pacific coast. The turquoise blue water of the ocean looked gorgeous. While we all sat and talked by the beach, the waves crashed wildly on the shore by the cave. We could clearly notice the nature’s phenomenon of high and low tides during the night and day respectively. The restaurants of this resort overlooked the pacific ocean and we enjoyed our breakfast with a beautiful ocean view. The most amazing experience was to watch the wild whales right from the balcony of our room. I still remember my excitement to see those whales as I was the one who spot them and show my friends. My heart sunk to check out from this hotel and infact to just leave that room was a heavy feeling itself. But I was carrying a bag of shells and memories with me which made it easier 🙂 I would go back to this place in a blink of an eye!

Both good and bad times are momentary, capture the best while you can!


Author: nikirath

My blogs are all about my travel experiences,tips and adventures.I love exploring new places and indulge into adventurous activities wherever I go.I hope to inspire you with my travel tales and also look forward to read and enjoy your stories too.

29 thoughts on “Back in California, The Pacific coast!

  1. I loved the Pacific Coast. We didn’t go to San Diego though, but it was very much a part of our plan for a long time.

    Glad you visited again and brought sunshine for us. I love your experiences 🙂

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  2. Home for me! What beautiful photos and love the restaurant recommendations!

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  3. Absolutely stunning the wildflowers by the pacific are! How lovely!

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  4. Nice pics 🙂 Next time you’re in Cali check out Big Sur. Its nature is stunning!

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  5. The Pacific coast is wonderful

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  6. Wonderful story. I’d like to hear more about the margaritas. You are right that there is so much to do in California. From here to Santa Barbara, Solvang, Redwoods, Big Sur, Yosemite, Monterrey. Up and down the whole state. I’ll have to go through your blog and see where you have been and enjoy more stories.

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  7. Reblogged this on Lincoln Life Blog.

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  8. Lots of ideas for our first trip to the west coast later this year….thanks!

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  9. Love the sunset shot!

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  10. California is awesome! It’s truly a place one can go back to over and over again!

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  11. California certainly possesses an air you can’t find anywhere else. I’m more of a Bay Area kind of person but it nonetheless has that CA vibe — salty air, carefree attitude, and a vibrant personality! Glad you got to explore and see La Jolla Cove. 🙂


  12. Next time you are in San Diego, Niki, let’s grab a coffee and share stories! Cheers!


  13. Great photos, great post and fantastic blog, just look at all the places you have been to, Happy traveling 😀😀😀


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