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The coastal village of Mahalide, Ireland!

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The first weekend after I landed at Dublin in the midst of jetlag and excitement to explore, Mahalide was one of the first places I visited with my cousin in Ireland. We hoped into the train that runs to all the coastal towns such as Howth, dun laoghaire, Mahalide and Bray. It took us less than an hour to reach Mahalide which was 18 km east from Dublin. The weather was crisp, sunny and bright. It seemed like a perfect fall day.  It was also moderately cold and breezy.

As soon as we got out of the train stop, the castle surrounded by the huge park was at a walking distance. We entered into the park and slowly made our way into the castle walking along the park trails. There were lots of tourists visiting the castle that day since it was the weekend. The castle was intricately designed and stood beautifully under the blue skies. We wandered more around after clicking lovely pictures by the castle. The gates into the castle seemed very old fashioned and preserved. The ivy leaves changing colors creeped into the walls around and made it even more beautiful. As we spend more and more time there, more visitors came by. The castle itself dates back to the 12th century and has immense amount of preserved culture and history to it.

As we made our way out, we spent time walking through the streets of the village of Mahalide. We stopped by the picturesque church in the main road which was full of devotees and it was difficult for us to get in so we stayed out and appreciated its beauty from outside. We then made our way into dun laoghaire which was another town by the ocean side where we enjoyed our thai lunch, ocean side walk and long chatter as we sat down by the ocean in the pathway. As we watched the sunset relaxing by the ocean, it was getting close to dawn. We relished the beautiful day and one of my first lovely days in Ireland!

Have you recently spent time with your family that has been special! Please share , I would love to read!

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