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Cherry Blossom Festival, Washinton DC!

Year after year Washington DC celebrates Spring Cherry Blossom festival in the honor of the 1300 Cherry trees gifted by the Mayor of Japan to the city of Washington DC to represent cordial relationship between the two countries hundreds of years ago. I personally think it is such a beautiful gesture and wanted to experience this phenomenal event of watching pink bouquets of flowers all over the city for a long time now. Finally my yearning came to an end when I recently visited the green and clean architectural capital of United States with my friends.

The historical and architectural vibe of the city made me fall in love with it the moment I stepped in. We started our day at the US Capitol and mostly explored the city by foot. Strolling around the colorful tulips and pink/white cherry blossom trees along the streets, we made our way to the enormous Washington Monument. As a part of the spring festival, kite festival was being observed at the Washington Monument over the weekend that we were there. We were amazed to see hundreds of people flying vivid kites around the monument. My favorite ones were the Kung fu Panda and the Minions, those were the most adorable ones ūüôā

Right across the road from the Washington Monument stands the World War 2 Memorial with pillars embedded with all the States of the United states surrounding the magnificent water fountain. Walking all day and exhausted at the end, we relaxed by the refreshing breeze of the water fountain for a while and then headed to the tidal basin which has rows of cherry blossom tress with the backdrop of Jefferson Memorial. The floral library by the tidal basin had beautiful tulips at its peak bloom and plenty of tourists around to get a picture. The sun was setting and the day ending while my heart was greedy and wanted some more of it.

Next day we visited the Alexandria Old town which is a cute little neighborhood in Virginia. After our slow day spent there sipping on coffee and munching some fine dining, we headed towards the White House which is definitely a spot not to be missed in Washington. The White house was well surrounded with security and we managed to get some beautiful pictures with the security guard of course. We also went back to the Lincoln Memorial to catch a view of the Washington Monument in the reflecting pool. During sunset , the reflection looked spectacular. After a long day, we chit chatted and relaxed by the serene reflecting pool. My favorite part of the trip was the walk from the Lincoln memorial to the World War 2 Memorial. There was something very romantic about the site with the benches surrounded by lanes of lush trees. I had a great time strolling by that area and could sit there forever.

Overall I loved my short trip to Washington DC and would definitely recommend to take this trip during spring to make it all the more beautiful. Is¬†Cherry Blossom one of the items in your bucket list? Do share ūüôā I would love to read.


The Colors of Old San Juan!

One of the most architecturally rich old cities, Old San Juan is a perfectly small town easily tourable on foot. The charming cobbled stone streets that go up and down hill through out the city surrounded by vividly colored houses make Old San Juan a very bright and colorful getaway destination. The little downtown that is always buzzing with tourists and offers world famous delicacies with fresh local drinks specially Pina Colada in a pineapple shell.

Wandering in the streets which had innumerable photogenic spots was the most joyful experience I had in the historical city. I found it to be a very laid back town and was amazed to see people learn and play musical instruments right by the streets. The art galleries by the main street was very interesting to look at, most of it represented the history and design of the city. The colorful doors of San Juan was the highlight of many of these galleries.

We visited the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista which is the Roman Catholic Cathedral and one of the oldest buildings of San Juan. We also explored another National Historic Site Paseo Del Moro which is a scenic relaxed walk way along the coast on one side and wall on the other which once upon a time protected the city. Overall the experience of Old San Juan is very welcoming and pleasant. I would love to return and unravel the unexplored areas of the city.

 Things to do:

Visit the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista
Explore National Historic Site Paseo Del Moro
Walk,walk and walk all over the city

Places to eat :

Istanbul Turkish
El Picoteo Spanish


Falling in love with Charleston!

I have literally fallen in love with the vibrant and colorful city of Charleston. It has been by far one of my best cities in the US without a doubt. The different hues of architecture in the historic district makes it such a unique place to travel. I being a fanatic lover of colors , wished the time just stopped while I was there. I just couldn’t soak enough of the city’s historic charm and definitely wish to return back if I get a chance. The warm weather made our stay even more pleasant.

We started our visit with the carriage ride along the historic district in the heart of the city. Our guide briefly described the  historical significance of the mansions and old grand houses as we passed by. The ride was along the bay all the way to the White Point Garden which overlooked the beautiful architecture also known as the Battery. The city has a very interesting history and is known for its civil wars hundred or so years ago. The canons and historic sculptures in the park were very interesting to look at. Our carriage also passed by the Rainbow Row which had beautiful buildings of different colors. After getting familiar with the city, we decided to explore more by foot. We also walked to the Waterfront park and enjoyed sitting by the beautiful fountains.

Another interesting part of the historic downtown was the Charleston City Market which was four blocks of market with exclusive handicrafts which reflected the culture and beauty of the city in numerous ways. Undoubtedly Charleston will come in my top list of cities that I have visited so far. I will definitely recommend this trip to travelers who are seeking for a vivid yet serene place to travel.


The city of music, Vienna!

The Austrian capital Vienna also known as the city of music is one of the few places where ancient and modern architecture blend together. This city is home to some of the world’s most distinct and impressive cathedrals, palaces and monuments which is worth visiting at least once in life time. My trip to this historical city was just for a day and I was absolutely lured by its history to extend my stay. Fortunately the weather was warm and sunny which made the trip even more enjoyable.

Our journey in the city started with the visit to the State Opera House which is famous for its performances of theater, opera, and music. It is a very lively neighborhood to stroll by with innumerable eateries and souvenir shops. Later, we headed towards the Museum Quartier which is one of the largest cultural center of the city. We walked through the Hofburg palace, Austrian Parliament, Museum of Natural History capturing memories and admiring the beautiful architecture of all these monuments with rich cultural and historical significance.

Our last stop was the royal Schonbrunn Palace which is one of the remarkable cultural monuments in Vienna where the historical rulers resided during the summer. The garden and the ornate decor of the palace is such a quaint view. The handmade honey candles, fresh flower bath oils and hanging decor shops lit up the palace and it was so amazing to walk past the artists and watch them hand carve their traditional handicrafts. It was a very enjoyable atmosphere while the other curious tourists just like me gathered by the artists with intriguing questions.

Vienna is a huge city with just so much to explore. I wish I had a few more days to explore and enjoy the other cities of Austria such as Innsbruck and Salzburg. I hope I am lucky to go back and visit these places too.


Welcome to Prague!

I will always cherish the fond memories of my days spent in the colorful and vibrant city of Prague in Czech Republic. The city has its own unique charisma and is as rich in culture and history as it is in beauty. The vivid architectural buildings, tapering streets and little bohemian handicraft shops made me want to stay there forever. The highlights of the city are the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.

Old Town Square¬†is the historical center of Prague and here is where we spent the best time of our trip. The¬†church of Our Lady before tyn,¬†Astronomical clock¬†and the¬†Jan Hus¬†statue¬†are the dominant landmarks of the Old Town Square. We enjoyed strolling through the colorful Easter art shops and galleries. We just couldn’t get enough of it so we returned to catch a last sight of the Old Town Square at night and enjoyed dinner while the hustle and bustle of the tourists had mellowed down.

Charles Bridge resides in the center of the city runs over the Vlatava River and connects the two ends of Prague. Locals believe the statues of the bridge have supernatural powers to grant a secret wish to one who touches the statue and desires for a wish. The bridge has 16 arches and is full of street artists, musicians and statues. It provides an extensive view of the city with the Prague Castle in the backdrop. Prague castle is a colossal home to the St. Vitus Cathedral, royal palaces and beautiful gardens. We visited church in the Castle during our sight seeing tour in Prague and found the mosaics in the church very captivating.

My visit to Prague was such an unforgettable adventure. I highly recommend this city to people of all ages who enjoy a lively city with rich history and scenic outlook.


A trip to Bruges, Belgium!

The elegant little city Bruges in Belgium left me in absolute awe of it during my recent trip to Europe. Very laid back and intimate city, perfectly sized and easy to explore, Bruges has it all. The best way to explore the city is by walking around exploring the canals, bridges, cobbled streets, shops and galleries. A classic fairy tale could be easily shot in the midst of carriage rides, historical mansions and holy churches in Bruges.

One day is adequate time to explore the city in and out. We started our day walking towards the Market Square which is the center of Bruges tourist attraction. Within a minute of walk from the Market square is the Belfry Tower which is known for its rich historical heritage. The canals and bridges with colorful old buildings on each side provided a very picturesque view. Lake of Love was another spot in Bruges which was very scenic and surreal. We also enjoyed the 30 minutes canal boat tour which took us through all the canals under the bridges and was a great introduction to the historic significance and rich architecture of the city.

The specialties of Belgium are the Belgian chocolates, fries, beer and waffles. I tried the chocolates and fries and just loved it. They are just more than delicious. I will recommend the Neuhaus chocolates which are just exquisite. I would definitely want to go back and enjoy the naturally small and beautiful city of Bruges if I ever get a chance again.