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Welcome to Prague!

I will always cherish the fond memories of my days spent in the colorful and vibrant city of Prague in Czech Republic. The city has its own unique charisma and is as rich in culture and history as it is in beauty. The vivid architectural buildings, tapering streets and little bohemian handicraft shops made me want to stay there forever. The highlights of the city are the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.

Old Town Square is the historical center of Prague and here is where we spent the best time of our trip. The church of Our Lady before tyn, Astronomical clock and the Jan Hus statue are the dominant landmarks of the Old Town Square. We enjoyed strolling through the colorful Easter art shops and galleries. We just couldn’t get enough of it so we returned to catch a last sight of the Old Town Square at night and enjoyed dinner while the hustle and bustle of the tourists had mellowed down.

Charles Bridge resides in the center of the city runs over the Vlatava River and connects the two ends of Prague. Locals believe the statues of the bridge have supernatural powers to grant a secret wish to one who touches the statue and desires for a wish. The bridge has 16 arches and is full of street artists, musicians and statues. It provides an extensive view of the city with the Prague Castle in the backdrop. Prague castle is a colossal home to the St. Vitus Cathedral, royal palaces and beautiful gardens. We visited church in the Castle during our sight seeing tour in Prague and found the mosaics in the church very captivating.

My visit to Prague was such an unforgettable adventure. I highly recommend this city to people of all ages who enjoy a lively city with rich history and scenic outlook.


Tallest Monument in the Western Hemisphere…

Honestly I did not even know that the Gateway Arch at Saint Louis,Missouri is the tallest monument in the Western Hemisphere before I decided to explore the city. Located a couple of hours away from Chicago, Saint Louis is a perfect weekend getaway destination for the Chicagoans.


The Gateway Arch stands with pride in the middle of the city and attracts so many tourists worldwide. The underground visitor center below the Gateway Arch has free museum,expedition movies and an incredible tram that takes you up to the top of the arch.Ride the tram that takes you 630 feet high up in the sky to get a terrific view of the city. Get a bird’s eye view from the top of the arch to spot the Mississippi river, Busch Stadium and the Court House in the heart of the city.Spend your evening in the fancy restaurants and bars at the Washington street. You will absolutely love the balloon race in the forest park if you happen to travel during the fall season.There are innumerable events including parades,concerts and festivals throughout the city depending on what time of the year you decide to travel. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of the Mardi Gras St.Louis grand parade in the month of February.


Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis is one of the famous churches in the United States.The high ceiling church with its beautiful mosaics is really worth visiting. I really enjoyed lighting the colorful candles to make a wish in the church. The botanical garden, zoo and forest park are the other attractions in Saint Louis if you have a few more days to explore.