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Throwback Tuesday, Mountain Biking at Pikes Peak!

This year spring took me to the beautiful Colorado peaks where I experienced Mountain Biking for the first time in my life. The most interesting thing about my adventure was I got to see all kinds of weather in my journey down the Pikes Peak. Snow, rain and sunshine to name a few although I wish it should have been just the sun. We started our biking right from about 10,000 feet above ground level at the top most point of Peaks Pike and made our way down the mountain. The start of the trip was the most challenging part of the trip as the wind was very chilly high up in the mountains. As we made our way down, it was much more pleasant to bike.

The biking was almost downhill all the way so we all had to be very careful with the brakes and of course the speed. We also made some stops to see the scenic overlook which was a wonderful sight to the eyes and a break from the rigorous biking as well. Our guide showed us the oak trees around, their barks resembled human faces naturally and it was quiet fascinating. The most enjoyable part of the ride was the last 2000 feet, when the sun was out with a light breeze which was just perfect. We then made our way to the Garden of Gods, and relaxed there soaking the sun and that was the part I loved the most. All in all it was a great adventure and I would definitely recommend it to thrill seekers who wish to take up a challenging experience during their travel. The best time to do this is definitely summer.