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My Wildlife Travel!

I was just reminiscing few of my past travels and what amazes me is how much I have enjoyed being around wildlife. I have loved the experience of going to Wildlife Safaris and getting so close to the Wildlife that you almost start feeling a connection with the innocent animals out there. Here are some of my travel experiences where I got opportunity to get real close with the wildlife and really enjoyed it.

Zebras, Natural Bridge Wild Life Ranch

A wildlife safari in San Antonio, Texas, Natural Bridge Wildlife ranch allows you to ride in car along the 250 acre forest area which has many different species of animals that get really close to you. I really enjoyed feeding the zebras, they surrounded our car so closely and it was such an great experience. I called them the “Marty” from Madagascar.


Giraffes, Timbavati Wild Life Park – Located in Wisconsin Dells, Timbavati Wild Life Park offers Safari Train which takes you around the wild life and stops occasionally where you can get closer to the animals. The best part was feeding the Giraffes who had such a long tongue which made me nervous at times.


Dolphins, Discovery Cove – Swimming with the Dolphins in Discovery cove was an unforgettable experience. The dolphins are one of the friendliest animals and their expressions are just so adorable. You also get to kiss the dolphin at the end which is one great kiss to remember forever.


Horse Back Riding, Texas – Bandera, Texas is the Cowboy Capital of the world and horse riding in Bandera is one of its own kind. The cowboy horse rider drives you a mile to the horse stables in a vintage van. Riding the horses through the forest trails that go uphill, downhill, narrow creeks and streams of water is a very enjoyable experience. Put on your cowboy hats and boots to absolutely relish the ride. We spotted wild deer and birds on your way to the ranch too.


Birds, Discovery Cove – Another amazing experience in Discovery coves was feeding the birds in the aviary. The birds would fly and sit on your arms, shoulders to eat the food. There were just so many different kind of colorful birds and it was a delight to get so close to them. There were peacocks and owls which were a little scary to feed but the little ones were just so lovable.


Baby Alligator, Everglades National Park –During my recent visit to the Everglades National Park, we enjoyed watching the Alligator show. The show was about a brief introduction about the Alligators followed by the audience getting to hold the alligator baby which was intimidating yet a very joyful experience.


I so wish to go to South Africa next to experience wildlife safari there. Do you love wildlife? Have you had any exceptional experiences with the wild? Is it in your bucket list? Do share, I would love to read.


Florida, The Sunshine State!

Florida is one of the best destinations in the United States for vacation with family or friends. The best part about Florida is the weather which is sunny and welcoming all year round. Orlando, Miami and Key West are three fun cities in Florida. My visit to Florida last year was incredible. I had a tough time deciding things to do as there is just so much to do.The best times I spent in Orlando was at Discovery Cove which is a theme park ,one of its own kind.

Discovery Cove is an absolute treat in every way and definitely paradise on earth. Start your day with snorkeling in the salt water to explore the sting rays and the wild fishes. Relax in the lazy river that flows through the forest while spotting the monkeys in the Monkey Island and exotic birds in the aviary. Swim into the fresh water caves to catch a glimpse of the mongoose. End your day with the exceptional swim with the dolphins. Enjoy the sister parks Sea World and Aquatica shows and rides in Orlando too which comes as a bonus with the Discovery Cove visit.

Key West is an island at the southern most point of the United States.The Keys are all about fun times in the water, sun and sand. If you love summer and want to spend some quality time enjoying the water sports, Key West is your destination. Plenty of sports such as snorkeling, para-sailing, jet-skiing and kayaking is readily available at multiple spots. The boat takes you out all day into the ocean for the fun sports.

All you can see is large stretches of turquoise blue water in the middle of the ocean. Snorkeling in the ocean midst of the large waves to see the coral and other marine creatures is a terrifying yet very enjoyable experience.Travel for three hours along the most scenic bridge to Miami to surf the lovely beaches.Sunscreen is must!