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The Colors of Old San Juan!

One of the most architecturally rich old cities, Old San Juan is a perfectly small town easily tourable on foot. The charming cobbled stone streets that go up and down hill through out the city surrounded by vividly colored houses make Old San Juan a very bright and colorful getaway destination. The little downtown that is always buzzing with tourists and offers world famous delicacies with fresh local drinks specially Pina Colada in a pineapple shell.

Wandering in the streets which had innumerable photogenic spots was the most joyful experience I had in the historical city. I found it to be a very laid back town and was amazed to see people learn and play musical instruments right by the streets. The art galleries by the main street was very interesting to look at, most of it represented the history and design of the city. The colorful doors of San Juan was the highlight of many of these galleries.

We visited the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista which is the Roman Catholic Cathedral and one of the oldest buildings of San Juan. We also explored another National Historic Site Paseo Del Moro which is a scenic relaxed walk way along the coast on one side and wall on the other which once upon a time protected the city. Overall the experience of Old San Juan is very welcoming and pleasant. I would love to return and unravel the unexplored areas of the city.

 Things to do:

Visit the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista
Explore National Historic Site Paseo Del Moro
Walk,walk and walk all over the city

Places to eat :

Istanbul Turkish
El Picoteo Spanish


The Forts of Old San Juan!

A photographer’s delight, San Juan in Puerto Rico holds a very long and enchanting history. A tropical hub of forts, jungles and beaches, Puerto Rico is a chain of islands in the Caribbean deserves to be in every traveler’s bucket list.

On our first day, we explored the old city of San Juan by foot and visited the national historic sites of the city. The two castles stand proudly in the heart of the island about a mile apart from each other for hundreds of years now. Our first stop was the Castillo San Cristobal Fort. The dome shaped stone walls in every corner looked marvelous with the backdrop of the dark blue Atlantic ocean. The fort was originally created by Spanish rulers to protect their land of San Juan. It is very commendable that the strongly built tunnels, walls and canons are well preserved for decades of years now.

We then walked towards the San Felipe del Morro Fort which was about twenty minutes walk along the coast from the San Cristobal Fort. We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the tourists flying large colorful kites in the park. The castle is surrounded by the colonial-era cemetery Santa María Magdalena de Pazzison on one side and a gorgeous pebble walk way on the other. We relaxed by the park for quite some time and relished delicious mango coconut ice cream on the way back as it was a beautiful sunny day in the middle of February. I truly loved the spectacular tropical city of San Juan and would recommend it to all the avid travelers who would like to explore a historical yet serene city.