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Texas,The Lone Star State!

Texas state is known for its rich history and architecture. Cowboys are definitely the historical heritage of Texas. Cowboy horse riding was one of my bucket list during my visit to Texas.

Bandera, Texas is the Cowboy Capital of the world and horse riding in Bandera is one of its own kind. The cowboy horse rider drives you a mile to the horse stables in a vintage van which signified the old Texas culture. You get to ride the horses through the forest trails that go uphill, downhill, narrow creeks and streams of water. Put on your cowboy hats and boots to absolutely relish the ride. Spot wild deer and birds on your way to the ranch. Go golfing and trekking around the ranch after!

San Antonio is the most beautiful city in Texas. San Antonio River Walk is a phenomenal sight especially in the holiday season around Christmas. There is hustle and bustle of the people strolling in the sidewalks and yet serenity of the strings of light falling through the trees reflecting into the river. The boat ride takes you 2.5 miles around the river walk. Listening to the history of Texas and watching the statues and their significance is very fascinating. Watch the bats fly by overhead and feed the hungry ducks in the river. River walk has all kinds of splendid cuisines to offer out of which Mexican is the prevalent one.

Other than the river walk, San Antonio also attracts tourists with zoos, caverns,museums and botanical gardens. I had an exceptionaly enjoyable experience at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Safari where you can drive into the 250 acre land to see the forest wildlife and feed them. They have tried to replicate the African Safari experience and I would say they are doing a great job. There were giraffes, ostriches, zebras and many other species of animals all around the forest.

The speed limit inside the forest was about 5 miles an hour for the safety of those animals and to enjoy the sight of it. All the visitors in the cars followed one after the other enjoyed feeding the animals and petting them. I called the zebras ‘Marty’ from Madagascar.

The younger generation is also often attracted to visit the city Austin which is the party city in Texas and offers one of the best night life in United States.It is the live music capital of the world.Stroll across the 6th street to experience the live music and the hippie crowd of Texas.Climb up to Mount Bonnell to capture the entire Austin city with Lake Austin surrounded by hills.

2 thoughts on “Texas,The Lone Star State!

  1. So glad you’ve been able to visit Texas! It’s the best state, in my personal opinion! 🙂

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  2. Thank you 🙂 I had a great time indeed.

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