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Kayaking in the Caves, Munising!


After my incident of toppling down while kayaking in Door County, I was quite adamant about giving it another shot. This time I tried my hands on kayaking in Lake Superior at Upper Peninsula in Munising, Michigan. I was a bit nervous about it in the inside, but definitely wanted to give it another try. This time round, to my surprise the kayaking trip was just perfect. It felt like all the elements of nature including pleasant weather, calm water and mild sunlight encouraged me in my venture.

We started to kayak from Miners beach towards the Miners Cave and Miners Castle. The water was beautiful and quite clear to look at. Our guide was very friendly and kept an eye on us through out the trip. We took photo breaks in between to relax our hands and this time being very careful with the camera and phone, keeping it all safe in the dry bag. The caves looked phenomenal and I could clearly hear the water splash the rocks, and the erosion it has caused in the past years is the actual reason of the formation of these caves. I loved my kayaking experience this time very much and I definitely learnt one thing in life “Never give up”. Travelling does teach us things that we always remember. I would love to read your travel experience that helped you learn and grow. Do share 🙂

Author: nikirath

My blogs are all about my little life adventures that include gardening, cooking and traveling. I love being in nature which helps me to be in the moment.I hope to inspire you with my tales and also look forward to read and enjoy your stories too.

18 thoughts on “Kayaking in the Caves, Munising!

  1. These pictures are gorgeous. I’m from Michigan and still feel like I haven’t experienced all of its natural beauty. I’m glad that you enjoyed your time here. #puremichigan

    I am creating a blog that catalogs my experiences traveling in Thailand. You should check it out and follow! 🙂

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    • Thank you very much for visiting my post. I loved Michigan and would love to go back there again. You are very lucky to have lived there. I would love to follow your travel stories, but I don’t see a follow button in your home page 😦 Enjoy Thailand!


  2. Amazing post…even i was in munising over the long weekend and i really enjoyed the waterfalls…the leaves were fresh since it had rained that morning…we had an amazinggg hike through the woods


  3. The pictures are beautiful and yes, travel experiences do teach us a lot…! Keep having fun!

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  4. Lovely crystal clear blue and greenish water , U are lucky to experience such a beautiful place.


  5. Good to know that you had success with Kayaking this time especially after your most exciting and adventurous trip of Door county in which you lost your phone and got an experience that you will narrate as an exciting story to your grand kids . You are abso right that Travelling teaches us a lot and your “Never give up” attitude for Kayaking is a way of living life…cheers !!!


  6. Wow…that is beautiful there, I had no idea that Lake Superior had that type of rock formation.


  7. Sounds like fun! I just had a similar kayaking experience in Santorini. 🙂


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  9. Thanks a ton for posting this awesome article.I really liked your article and will definitely share this on my Facebook.Thanks for a great article!

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